ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Projector

  • 2018 UPGRADED TECHNOLOGY—ELEPHAS YG600 projector utilizes the upgraded LED light source and LCD display technology, which significantly reduces light attenuation. Comparing to other ordinary LED projector, it provides you 50% brighter brightness and 3000:1 Contrast Ratio.
  • BIG SCREEN EXPERIENCE —The Projection size is 44 – 200 inches with distance 4.9 – 18 feet, the best viewing distance is 10 feet with 98 inches. The Native Resolution is 1280*800 pixels and it supports 1080p. It is easy to set up and adjust the screen size.
  • REDUCED NOISE AND LONG LAMP LIFE —With powerful cooling system design and innovative materials applied, ELEPHAS Home Video Projector makes the noise of the fan only half as loud as the other projectors. The LED lamp life is extended to 30,000 hours, which means you can use it more than 10 years.
  • MULTIMEDIA CONNECTION —Interface includes HDMI/ USB/ VGA/ AV/ Micro SD Card/ Audio Out 3.5mm. ELEPHAS projector can work well with Amazon Fire TV/ Roku Streaming Stick/ Laptop/ Blue-Ray DVD player/ PS3/ PS4/ Xbox/ TV box via HDMI input. Connect to PC via VGA jack. Hook up to headphone/ outer speakers via Audio port. Insert U-disk/ hard disk device into USB slot. Insert micro SD-card/ TF card into SD port (Not work with SD card). Adapters are required if you connect the projector to an iPad, iPho
  • 100% WARRANTY GUARANTEE —ELEPHAS company provides with 12 months warranty and lifetime professional customer service & technical support. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. we will always be here to serve for you and provide you customer service as well as a great-quality product.
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  • Watching video in a large format usually requires a huge TV or a projector. LED projectors have brought the price of a projector far down from what it was just a few years ago. We were offered the ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector to test, and I won the office pool to get it. I was super excited, because I’ve wanted to use a projector for video games, movies, and such for a while now.

The ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector comes with everything you would reasonably expect to need: HDMI-HDMI cable, miniAUX-dual RCA sound cable, and a remote.

Most of the inputs are across the right side, looking at the lens. There is an SD card slot, AV and headphone outputs (both AUX ports), HDMI, USB, and a 5V USB output port for charging your device while playing it. Around the corner on the back, you’ll find the IR port for the remote and a VGA input. On the top there is a silver ridge, that is actually a set of buttons for accessing the display menu options. The lens front ring controls focus, and the thin rear lens ring controls key-stoning. (This is the correction of the display when you are not projecting onto a surface that is parallel to the projector lens. Being off-parallel causes the image to be wider or narrower at the top (depending on which way your screen is tilted). A simple rotation of that second ring fixes this.) There is no auto-focus or automatic key-stoning feature – these are both controlled by the lens rings only.

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The remote gives you access to the source menu and on/off control, but unless you’re using an SD card or other internal source, you may as well leave it in the box. Also, you have to be line-of-sight to the sensor on the back of the unit for it to be recognized. I was happy with the responsiveness to the wired connection to my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and any other source I plugged in. Controlling the projector’s display from there was as simple as expected.

Having the USB out means you can have this and an iPad/iPhone and a single power outlet and be ready to cover your presentation needs without any hassle. Check out this picture – only the two white cords (and the iPhone 6s Plus, obviously!) were provided by me, and I can present without worrying if my battery will make it through the presentation. Actually, more than likely it will be better charged than before I started.

One thing about projectors of this level (not top-of-the-line, not as bright, definitely not full daylight projectors) – the better the projection surface, and the better you can control your ambient light, the better your picture. Not to say you have to be in a windowless basement, but every little bit helps.

I played a bit of World of Tanks Blitz and found the response suitable for gaming action. This was from my MacBook Pro. I’m sure it would be similar from my iPad Pro. The graphics for this live-action battle simulation are very well-suited to whichever device you’re using, and even over WiFi, I rarely have noticeable lag. Not even Time Warner can get me off this game!

With the ability to project TV, presentations, movies, and general computing onto large surfaces, there’s no reason to wait if you have any use for presenting to a good sized group. I was really taken aback since it’s been a few years since I really took a hard look at presentation units. Now that everything can go through HDMI, worrying about sound and such has gone out the window. And this unit even has a tripod attachment point, which means you don’t even have to have a table to set it on! Pretty nice for a 2-pound box.

A few bits of information about the Elephas 1200 Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector

Please note the following five statements are taken directly from the product page on Amazon. This is meant for information only and will not be used for the final scoring of the product.

  • ► COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN ◄ — Elephas Mini Video Projector is small size and light weight can be taken to anywhere you want conveniently. Simple operation to enjoy a large screen projection. This video projector is Ideal for Home Entertainment such as: Movie Time, Family Gathering, Sports Events, TV Series, Parties and Video Games. It is also a nice festival presents for kids and friends.
  • ► EXCELLENT PICTURE QUALITY ◄ — You can adjust the picture size from 50″ ~ 130″ (Best for 100″). Projection distance from 4.95 ~ 13.12 ft (Best for 7.2 ft). 800 x 480 native resolution with a contrast of 1000:1. A darker place with high reflective surface, a better home entertainment experience.
  • ► MULTIMEDIA CONNECTION ◄ — Built-in speaker, provide AV / VGA / USB / SD / HDMI interface. You may connect to DVD / PS3 / Xbox / TV box via HDMI input; Connect to PC via VGA jack; Hook up to headphone / outer speakers via Audio port; Insert U-disk / hard disk device into USB slot. AV and HDMI cables are included in this package.
  • ► ENERGY CONSERVATION ◄ — This Elephas LED Projector is 1200 Lumens. Low Power Consumption, Durable and Energy Saving – Adopted latest smart ECO Lamp care technology, the LED bulb inside can save energy up to 70%, long-lasting Lamp life (30000 Hours). To maintain a long working life, we kindly suggest that you can have a break after 3~4 hours using.
  • ► ELEPHAS EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY ◄ — ELEPHAS provides Hassle-free 12 months warranty. Premium Customer Services and Lifetime Technical Supports. Comes with UK certified power adapter. Absolutely RISK-FREE purchase for you.
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Elephas 1200 Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector design

The Elephas 1200 lumen LED mini portable projector looks very much generic in terms of design. It has a basic rectangular shape with a base that sticks out slightly at the bottom to allow for easier seating of the projector.

White it the main color used for this projector. The paint is a dull effect paint for the most part but the front panel is finished with a gloss like paint and even has a nice rainbow stripe painted on it.

On the top of it are several buttons such as the power button, volume adjustment buttons, source button and ok button. With the exception of the power button, which is finished with the same white paint as the rest of protector, the buttons are finished with a slightly dull chrome effect.

Down the left-hand side if looking from behind the projector are 6 different ports. Two are USB ports (one of which is a 5V port, which can be used for things like the Amazon T.V fire stick), one is a HDMI in port, one is a 3.5mm audio port, one is an AV port and the last one is an SD card slot. The back of the projector is home to an infrared receiver for the remote, a VGA in connection for computers and lastly a plug connection. This is a fantastic selection of ports as it means you have many ways to use the projector. You can plug it into a games console (I have been using it with an Xbox One), connect it to a PC/laptop and even play videos you have stored on a USB device or an SD card. For the small amount of money you pay for this, it certainly does offer a lot in terms of connection options.

Also present but not really visible are the speaker grills, which are hidden inside the air vent area. I must say, though, that while built-in stereo speakers are brilliant at this price, I would advise you connect a portable speaker using the 3.5mm audio jack, as the speakers in this aren’t very good. They’re loud but also suffer from distortion, when trying to take advantage of this loudness.

Around the front of the lens is the focus adjustment dial, and just behind but separated is a keystone adjustment dial for setting the angle of the display on the wall or board surface. There’s an adjustable leg for raising and lowering the projector but should need it higher than what this leg allows, there’s a tripod mount hole on the base of it

Elephas 1200 Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector in action

With a native resolution of only 800 x 480, this isn’t going to blow you away as I learned. It can scale up to 1920 x 1080 which we all know as full HD,  however since it’s not the native resolution the quality is not as good as a full HD TV. Projected onto my magnolia colored wall, the results do come out better than expected and with the curtains closed and lights off the projected video of games on my Xbox one looks fantastic. There are some small issues like white text still being a tiny bit blurry, even with the focus adjusted properly and also I just can’t seem to get the keystone 100% right, but this is more noticeable if I use the projector with my projector screen down.

The built-in speaker is a nice feature and good to have, but in all honesty, I would stick to a portable speaker connected via the 3.5mm audio jack. The speakers inside the projector do get quite loud but also present a lot of distortion, which means they only really work there best at moderate volumes levels, which is no good if you’re with your mates trying to watch a movie.

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When turned on, the Elephas 1200 lumens LED mini portable projector is surprisingly silent, despite having a fan for cooling purposes. You just can’t hear it at all, which is fantastic in my opinion. Check out the video below to see the projector in action with my Xbox One.